From co-founding a successful Toronto-based wellness studio and travelling the world while teaching all things energy (pre-pandemic), to building the online healing platform I AM Energy Collective,. Becka has guided thousands of souls to transform their energy - with active clients in Canada, USA, Australia, UK & more!

Here's what the crew is saying.



Amazing as always

Amazing as always. I energetically vibe so much with your energy. I learned new stuff i hadn't learned and simply enjoyed it.  You have a great ability to make things simple yet detailed and easy to understand...thank you for being you! Looking forward to getting the meditation as I've been trying to do so much more of it these days. Take care and have a great weekend. Sending love and light.

-Kristen S.

I AM Energy School was so wonderful.

The timing for me, was perfect. When it launched at the beginning of quarentine, it was the one thing that wasn't cancelled. I didn't realize it would become such a bright light for me each week. I learned so much and always felt relaxed afterwards. More so, it helped to realize areas of my life that needed some attention and shed some light on things I was struggling with. I loved, loved, loved it and can't wait to see what's next for I AM Energy School.

-Amanda C

Loved it.

Connecting with my intuition is something that has been resonating with me the last few months before I found out about this course, as I've been doing a lot of reflective work since covid started, so I was so grateful that a friend recommended one of your free sessions to me! I did the one in May which I loved, and then had to sign up for this one too especially considering the topic. I feel like I really learned a lot, and theres so many takeaways that I will t to keep doing to continue to grow - especially with the inner child work and shadow work, which I didn't know much about before.


-Cheryll W.

Feeling relieved & with clarity

Tonight’s class I really appreciated and was looking forward to all day. I have been worried and stressed about what’s to come over the next 3 weeks and was able to calm my body down to finally relax. I feel amazing and worked through some boundary issues I didn’t even realize were bothering me so much until now. I have a new perspective and handle what is to come! Thank you again. Your energy is amazing!

-Megan A.


One of the Best Investments I've Ever Made

1:1 coaching with Becka has been one of the best investments I have ever made! When I first started working with Becka, I was living a fear driven anxious life. Thanks to the work that Becka and I have done together, I have been able to make HUGE mindset shifts. Thanks to Becka I now have the tools in my toolbox to calm myself down when I’m anxious or stressed.     I love the relationship that we have built and that she is always challenging me to level up in every way!

-Andrea M.

Everything Has Changed

My life looks and feels so different after 3 months with Becka as my guide and support! She is intuitive, knowledgable and I feel so comfortable working through healing trauma and blocks with her...there is so much I didn't even know I had. My job has changed, my relationship has changed and how I feel about myself has changed. I feel excited to wake up again and for the next part of my journey.

-Kara B.

You Have No Idea How Much This Is Helping Me

 I am just so grateful that the timing of your offering lines up so perfectly with the season I am in right now. I feel like I am more prepared for my baby. I have been able to do some research on what I need with a clear head and push through all of the overwhelm. In terms of setting boundaries -  I already feel like I have more control over my reactions to peoples words and actions. I cannot thank you enough - you have no idea how much this is helping me.


-Tonya K. 

So Much Growth & Transformation

Coaching sessions with Becka have been truly life-changing! So grateful for having a fun, safe and calm space to get completely vulnerable so that I could heal and experience so much growth and transformation.

-Stephanie T


Came in spun...left feeling calm

My (first) energy healing session was an amazing experience, Becka! I came in really spun and so in my head about everything going on with work. I left feeling calm and a sense of well being I really only feel after a long deep meditation.

- Sarah S.


I didn't want to wait until I see you again to share this with you and truly wanted to express my gratitude for having you in my life!!! Being able to share my journey with you has made me feel like you’re apart of my tribe.


In such a better place

I’m so incredibly thankful. Physically and emotionally, I feel I am in such a better place after my session with Becka. I still can’t believe I shed tears and it was only my first session! She truly provides a safe space.

-Devin G

Can't wait for another session

I feel incredible after our session yesterday. I feel so much lighter and it really helped me let go of some anger and resentment I was holding into. My voice is something I've struggled with for awhile so I can't believe you picked up on that! I feel like this is the beginning of a whole new journey. So grateful we crossed paths and can't wait for another session with you!

-Nic T


I've been so sick

I don't even think you understand. I have been so sick. Tonight's session has been the most healing ever. I feel so light and refreshed. It's unbelievable. I'm in tears. Thank you for your healing guidance.

-Priya R.

It was amazing

Thank you for the session last night Becka! I've never done virtual/group reiki and healing but it was amazing! I truly feel like a released old energy and then had such a deep sleep!

- Ali O

So energized

Thank you for a wonderful session! I felt so energized, and a little bit sleepy. I also started to cry. Which is kind of funny because I don't normally cry during meditation. Thank you!!

-Sandra B

We need you

I wanted to thank you for the session last night, it was really amazing! I had a huge release once we got to the heart chakra. Once you started saying to be proud of yourself I immediatley welled up and released some energy and tears and ended that part with smiling. Keep up with the amazing work, we need you!

- Sara H


Headache went away

You’re not going to believe this (or maybe you will lol) I woke up with a headache, then did you chakra balancing meditation from your podcast this morning and my headache went away!

- Andrea M.

Exactly what I needed

Loved this meditation. Left me feeling open, relaxed and refreshed. Exactly what I needed at the end of my day!

-Dennise R.

Such a blessing

So grateful to have amazing meditations to go back to, always on hand! This is a rarity and such a blessing from Becka to us all xo

-Jess P

Makes such a difference

I got back into doing your morning meditation in the morning and it actually makes such a difference!

- Sonia S.



Love love love this podcast! The meditation are so great and each episode is filled with golden nuggets of information and inspiration!


Spreading great vibes

Love this podcast - you do such a great job with chakra balancing and spreading great vibes!! I was always looking forward to your past podcast episodes and I’m so happy you started your own in your own area of expertise!

-Healthy Living 31

So knowlesgable

Becka is so knowledgeable and an amazing speaker on topics like energy healing, chakras, affirmations and everything high vibe! I love how she is able to add examples from her own life to help explain the concepts and ideas. Can’t wait to listen to more episodes!

-Amanda G

Pumped she's back

Love Becka and her work and so pumped she’s back on my podcast app.

- Angela D


First order

This was my first time ordering from Becka and she is amazing! My crystals were so well taken care of and gorgeous. She's such a sweet heart and I will absolutely be ordering again.

-Nicole A

High vibe toolkit must-haves

Amazing! Smells so great and love the crystals. Will never live without the [Cleansed x Protected] spray again!

-Paige S.

Just wow

I want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much. The packaging, the strong beautiful vibes coming from the box, how much thought and effort and put into all your products. Just wow. It's been a hard few days and this made it brighter. You're amazing. Keep shining.

- Mary Ann

My go to crystal dealer

Becka is so sweet and helpful, her products are so high vibe. These are high quality, ethically sourced stones and she intuitively picks the crystals just for you! She provides so much helpful and excellent customer service. Love her cleansing spray as well.

-Jessica J.

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