I AM Smoky Lemurian Quartz

I AM Smoky Lemurian Quartz


Rare stone. Approx.  2.5" in legth.


Chakra: Crown/Heart

Zodiac: Leo

Elements: Earth/Wind

Colour: smoky


  • There once was an advanced ancient civilization just like Atlantis, only it was much more spiritually developed and peaceful, named Lemuria 
  • Lemurians knew their time on earth was coming to a close, so they planted (seeded) and programmed these crystals to teach their messages of knowledge, wisdom and healing (we are all one and connected)
  • Perfect stone for opening the heart
  • Lemurian seed crystals were planted in a grid pattern over the earth as well as to the stars and other dimensions
  • By connecting with a lemurian crystal, you are connecting with that grid pattern and its associated energies
  • They hold blessings of unconditional love-facilitates evolution for the planet and ascension to light workers and others
  • They are powerful crystals for assisting with communication with your spirits guides and angels-very powerful meditation crystals
  • Excellent tool for chakra clearing, balancing and visualization
  • Used in energy healing work for removing strong energy blockages
  • Opens the star gate of reawakening for  the spiritual soul for training and healing abilities
  • Helps in removing karmic debris
  • Great manifestation crystals -
  • Sleeping with one helps to obtain clarity and insight of your dreams and helps dream up a new reality 
  • They are master healers that can be used for any condition by stimulating the immune system and bringing it into(all chakra) balance
  • Excellent for multi-dimensional healing with multi-dimensional cellular memory 
  • Smoky Lemurian is known as the “Shadow Healer”-It's a karmic cleanser and it helps us understand how misuses of power in past lives either as victim or perpetrator create a karmic hold that keeps us in dense vibration until healed
  • Excellent for soothing burns, spinal alignment, circulatory disorders
  • They have a distinct appearance-horizontal striations or groves resembling bar codes on one or more sides
  • Lemurian is different then quartz...quartz you program and Lemurian quartz you activate- meditate by rubbing your finger along the bar code to activate and download the Lemurian knowledge and connect with the grid