I AM Selenite Charging Bowl

I AM Selenite Charging Bowl


The perfect charging bowl for all your pocket crystals! Keep it by your bed, desk or anywhere you're looking to add in some healing energy.


High quality. 3.5" in length.


Each purchase recieves complimentary access to our Intro To Crystals workshop at Energy School 



Zodiac: Cancer

Element: Water

Colour: Pure White, Orange, Blue, Brown, Green


Healing Properties:

  • Powerfully cleansing stone -aids in clearing blockages and purifying energy

  • A calming peaceful stone and excellent for meditation -telepathy is enhanced by holding this high vibrational stone

  • Allows you to elevate your energy and raise your vibration so that you are aligned with other frequencies

  • Can be used as a shield against negative energies or the wand can be used to sweep off negative energy off yourself or others

  • Carrying a piece of selenite on you is like having your own energetic purifier

  • Amplifies the energy of other crystals and is used in cleansing them as well

  • Place your other crystals up against a piece of selenite to recharge and clear them *Use the Intention “I am cleansed”

  • Place around the house as a form of protection

  • Heals the cells of the body as well as the fluid system

  • Aligns the spinal column-promotes flexibility

  • Improves skin tone-increases calcium absorption

  • Excellent stone for breast-feeding

  • Guards against epileptic seizures

  • Encourages all forms of communication and enables you to see through lies and deception- clears confusion so that you can see the deeper picture -a powerful stabilizer for erratic emotions


Our crystals are 100% natural and genuine, with excellent vibration. 


Each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in colour, shape, size or pattern.


Your crystal will be intuitively chosen for you  with love. It will be cleansed and energy healing infused so it's ready to take on it's new home!