I AM Kyanite

I AM Kyanite


Chakra: Throat/Brow

Zodiac: Pisces

Element: Air/Water

Colour: Mid-Blue to Sapphire or Sky-Blue,Black


  • A must have stone for deep emotional healing and feeling of wholeness
  • Cuts through negative self talk, self destruction and fears
  •  Used as an energy conduit to balance all chakras
  • Clears stagnant and stuck energy blockages and aids in discernment
  • Balances the yin/yang
  • A stone of connection
  • Helps to strengthen family and friendship-helps to speak one’s truth and encourages communication 
  • Very protective stone against negativity: dissolving anger, hostility and spite, frustration and stress
  • Encourages creativity and self expression-especially good for singers as it's a great stone for the throat 
  • One of the best stones for past life recall especially if you are trying to understand where phobias come from in this lifetime
  • Black Kyanite is especially good for cutting away negativity and cords of attachment (shaped like a blade)
  • Like selenite, it can be used to charge other crystals
  • It never requires cleaning
  • Treats many disorders ie: a natural pain reliever, heals infections and fevers, lowers blood pressure, muscular disorders, aids the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands, throat, brain, and urogenital system
  • Helps in dream recall in that it promotes dream healing