I AM Cleansed & Protected  Energy Clearing Spray

I AM Cleansed & Protected Energy Clearing Spray




I AM Cleansed & Protected Spray is an effortless and chic tool to keep your energy in check!


Made with intention, it’s the magic you need for your home, office, travel and those zoom calls with your not so fav coworker.


Like you cleanse and protect your physical body, it’s important to cleanse and protect your energetic body as well. We all know that feeling when you're in a good mood, then enter a room or encounter someone who completely changes the vibe. That’s because you’re taking on their energy - good & bad.


How To Use: Starting from your feet, use 7 sprays up your chakras morning and night. Use throughout the day as you feel called.


FREE I AM ENERGY SCHOOL COURSE INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE ($28 value): Learn more about energetic cleansing, protection, intention + guided exercises to begin connecting deeper with your energy today!



  • Use anywhere
  • All natural scent & ingredients
  • Fire free alternative to sage and palo santo
  • Cleanses energy from lower vibrations
  • Energetic shield from lower vibrational energy
  • Increases your own energetic awareness
  • Reiki powered
  • Smoky Lemurian Quartz crystal infused (piece included in each bottle)
  • Charged by the power of the full moon


Brewed with loving energy in Toronto, Canada


I AM Cleansed & Protected Spray Ingredients: spring water, rose (rosa damascena) water, witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana) water, cedarwood (cedrus atlantica), lavender (lavandula angustifolia (lavender), eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus),  frankincense (boswelia frereana), pink himalayan salt, sea salt, smoky Lemurian seed quartz, energy healing infused & magic




WHOLESALE AVAILBLE - contact hello@iamenergycollective.com