I AM Amethyst

I AM Amethyst


Chakra: Third Eye/Crown

Zodiac: Aquarius 

Element: Air

Colour: Purple to Lavender


  • Comes from the quartz family- its an extremely powerful  and protective stone -one of the most spiritual stones-excellent for meditation

  • Opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts

  • A great stone for releasing bad habits such as overcoming fears, addictions(alcohol/drug) and overindulgences

  • Provides a calming effect against stress and negative energy

  • The “all-healer” -for mind(emotional issues) and body-helps to dig deep and express your emotions more- enhances memory -placed on the stomach or liver helps soothe issues as well as the lungs and respiratory system, clears up skin conditions

  • Helps the endocrine system balance hormones, strengthens the immune system by helping the organs eliminate toxins

  • Aids insomnia and prevents night-mares (place under your pillow)-helps you to remember and understand your dreams

  • Great for the workplace or home as it soothes anger, impatience, feeling overwhelmed- exudes peace and tranquility -balances highs and lows Alleviates grief and sadness -transmutes energy into love from negative environments

  • Blocks geopathic stress -has cleansing powers

  • Guards against “psychic attack”

  • Cleanses the aura and transmutes negative energy

  • Helps people make the transition through death

  • Great for children and animals who are hyperactive

  • Amethyst will cleanse other crystals