Ethically Sourced Crystals


When you hold a high vibrationally charged crystal, you FEEL the difference!


Knowing where your crystals come from is something to start putting a bit more thought into before making a purchase from any retailer or dealer.


Becka began exploring this while spending some time in Bali at a crystal healing training. She had the chance to learn first hand from the instructor who had spent most of her career touring mines and purchasing crystals from all around the world — both of the worst & best conditions.


This is why it’s a top priority that our crystals are ethically sourced from distributors that we continue to build ongoing partnerships.


Our current distributors work directly with the mines and vendors to create fair working relations around the world. This ensures the highest vibration is put out into our each crystal and our planet.


We then hand pick each piece to ensure top quality and frequency.


During your crystal's short stay at our studio, they become an extension of our personal collection.


Each piece is cleansed with various energy tools and are charged them up in the moonlight and packed up for you with so much intent


It's a top priority that each crystal is treated with the most love and respect before getting to its home

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