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Becka is a Canadian-born energy healer, mindset coach, entrepreneur & spiritual guide, based in Tulum, Mexico.


Before getting into the alternative health world, Becka found herself unfulfilled in both her personal life and work. She went to university & got the 9-5 job, yet mentally and physically, was experiencing a personal rock bottom. Panic attacks, anxiety, physical pain, hair loss, and digestive issues were the norm.


She was not happy.


She tried all the mainstream specialists and treatments for years with no success. Her health was getting worse. The power of food and what she put in her body became her first major awakening in 2011.


Becka went on to become a self-taught recipe developer, photographer, and food stylist after she experienced massive shifts in her health, energy, and mindset by changing what she put in her body. Becka knew she had to share this discovery. She started a successful food blog, Going Grainless in 2014 to inspire others to make their lifestyle changes.


A few years later, her blog and recipes expanded and turned into a full-time food styling career, which was never the intention when Becka started that passion project.  She had the opportunity to work with well-known brands as a wellness expert, including NFL Canada, Vitamix, Silk, Lolë, Unbun Foods & Whole Foods


During this time, Becka began diving deeper into energy healing as she was going through other life challenges and transitions. After getting fired from a job, her 7-year relationship had ended,  she couldn't find a place to live, when she finally did find a new home, it caught on fire 10 days before move-in, leaving her to move back with her parents for awhile. During that time she also broke her ankle, got in a car accident, among other things. 


Once again, Becka let her intuition guide her to alternative modalities and practices as she had done with food to feel better.


After experiencing massive shifts, physically, mentally, and spiritually from energy healing and mindset work - she knew it was time to begin her training and share this with others.


Becka was guided to a mentor who is a psychotherapist and reiki master. He took her journey to the next level through his guidance and mentorship. Becka went on to complete certifications in Reiki, Alchemical Healing, Crystal Healing, Past Life Healing, Generational Healing, Mindset & Life Coaching.


Becka has worked with and healed thousands of souls from across the world and continues to do this with her business, I AM Energy Collective.


Your health, your energy, your mind, they’re all connected. Let’s create balance in your body, mind & soul.


It's a lifestyle!