Becka Crowe

Do you allow the world around you to dictate how you think and feel? Now imagine how life would change if you took back that power!


I AM Energy Collective is here to provide practical tools and knowledge to apply on your healing journey.


Founded by energy healer & wellness expert, Becka Crowe, I AM Energy Collective is a representation of her on-going journey that began in 2012.


Becka hit her own personal rock bottom in health and happiness after western medicine had failed her. Something didn’t feel right and for the first time ever, she allowed her intuition to guide her. She didn’t know what she was looking for and what she found transformed her life forever.


Outside of her formal university and postgraduate studies, Becka has completed trainings/certifications in reiki, alchemical healing 1, crystal energy healing life coaching. She has guided thousands of souls in healing their energy across our planet.


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